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used silicon carbide kiln shelves oh/ky

updated mon 12 apr 04


Paul on sun 11 apr 04


I am going to order some silicon carbide shelves from Larkin Furnace in
Georgia some time during the next few weeks. They can not ship UPS but I
have a warehouse to ship them to in Falmouth, KY, an hour south of
Cincinnati and am looking for one or two others to share the shipping cost.
Larkin is selling 18" by 24" shelves for $22 each, they are used and
apparently have very minimal warpage, if any. They have several others sizes
available as well - it sounds like they have a lot and they are selling them
fast (they just shipped 100 of them to Canada).

If anyone around here has any interest in kiln shelves, contact me off line.
This seems to me like the kind of deal that does not come around often.

Paul Borian

Falmouth, KY