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[spam] david hendley workshop warning

updated sun 11 apr 04


Gary Harvey on fri 9 apr 04

T-----E----X-----A----N----'-----S are not S---L---O---W we are careful in
our dialog. David is just a hip and skip over to the next town. (I live in
Palestine) I have seen his work and have met him. I think that he is very
talented and when is he giving a workshop around here? GH
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From: "primalmommy"
Sent: Wednesday, April 07, 2004 10:08 PM
Subject: [spam] david hendley workshop warning

> Folks, I have to caution you about one aspect of David Hendley's
> workshops.
> Sure, he's a nice guy, a good potter, has some innovative techniques and
> is a really good teacher. but....
> If you attend one of his workshops, you will never again be able to
> speed-read your way through clayart posts. When you get to a hendley
> post you will have to s-l-o-w- d-o-w-n and impose a deep voice and
> southern drawl on everything he (slowly, thoughtfully, texas-ly) says.
> David and I having a conversation is like -- remember the cartoon with
> foghorn leghorn , taking his sweet time to make a point, while the hyper
> little chicken hawk ran circles around his feet, yabbering a mile a
> minute? Like that. Same height difference, too ;0)
> really, go to the workshop. the man is a marvel.
> yours,
> kelly in ohio
> where they are talking 27F for easter sunday...i'm planting peas anyway

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