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updated sat 10 apr 04


Peter Coates on thu 8 apr 04


A Throwing and Altering Workshop with Birthe Flexner

In this demonstration workshop Birthe Flexner will be exploring the many =
possibilities of wheel work. Altering wheel thrown work to add esthetic =
character to the pottery will be a major theme. Throwing in sets and =
making a dinnerware setting will also be demonstrated.

Birthe Flexner, originally from Denmark, has been potting since 1970 and =
has maintained her own studio in Norman, Oklahoma since 1980. She has =
studied and traveled extensively in the states as well as abroad, =
including the Kansas City Arts Institute. Birthe has had a vast array of =
experiences and is a wealth of information. This combined with her =
generous spirit makes this, a workshop not to miss!

a.. May 1st and 2nd - 10am to 4pm=20
b.. On the first day there will be a potluck lunch if you would like =
to participate.=20
c.. The workshop will take place at the City Arts Center.=20
d.. Cost is $60.=20
e.. To enroll please call 951-0000 or email

City Arts Center=20

3000 General Pershing Blvd.

Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Located on the Oklahoma State Fair Grounds

(405) 951-0000