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surfing with helen bates - france - april 7th., 2004 (draft)

updated fri 9 apr 04


Helen Bates on wed 7 apr 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - France - April 7th., 2004 (draft)

Where necessary, use the Altavista Babelfish translator to convert the=20
French text or sites to English, but the usual caveats apply:
(One good laugh I had was at the machine translation "Pierre Bouillon"=20
to "Pierre Bubble.")

Artist in Residency Program, Vallauris (Vallauris France)
A.I.R. Vallauris is a non-profit artist in residency program in the
south of France, situated between Cannes and Nice. Small pop-up gallery=20
of AIR work and artist statements. Information comes from Dale Dorosh)

The first Besancon Potters Market (Besan=E7on, Franche-Comt=E9, France)

(le premier March=E9 de Potiers de Besan=E7on)
40 art ceramists, from Franche-Comt=E9 and many other areas of France wil=
be present. The site includes a gallery of participants' work.

Arterres Virtual Foundation (C=E9ramique Contemporaine) (France)

(Virtual contemporary ceramics exhibition)
The site takes a little getting used to... it's too "fancy" for my=20
taste, and the visuals for some of the artists don't give enough=20
three-dimensionality, but there is some interesting contemporary work=20

Pierre and Fabienne Bouillon (Atelier du Coin Cendr=E9) (Cran=E7ot, Franc=

Stoneware potters who make tableware, lidded casseroles with modelled=20
animal knobs, and various outdoor fountain features.

Fabienne L'Hostis (Valbonne, France)

Works in raku style, making decorative pieces and teaware. No=20
commentary on materials or use. Her work is very well-made though, and=20
a pleasure to view.

Muriel Mathieu (Peseux, France)

Mathieu makes functional stoneware and glazed earthenware, as well as=20
raku pieces.


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