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matt long video

updated fri 9 apr 04


MarjB on thu 8 apr 04


A couple of weeks ago a clayarter posted the information that Matt Long =
had made a video "Vessels for Victory".=20

Fortunate me, I have received it as an early birthday gift.

If the pots of Matt Long intrique you, you will enjoy meeting him in =
this video. He has a very unique wheel set up. Randall on a Brent !!. =
I really enjoyed this video and gleaned many ideas and variations on =
techniques. He moves porcelain like music. =20

His work appears on the cover of CM - January 2004 - article begins page =
32. Go to for more pots and info about ordering =

In a note to me he said this was his first and has plans for more. I =
look forward to those. This first video is probably like the first part =
of a workshop. =20

Unfortunately, the jam session that follows the credits was abruptly =
shortened and he wrote that it had continued for a couple of hours. =
Hopefully the next video will have more of this music. MarjB
ps : video received the same day the Canadian Women won the World's =
Hockey Championship - great early birthday.=20