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ot: beer-can chicken cooker

updated thu 8 apr 04


Lee Love on wed 7 apr 04

You know, in most parts of the world, Budweiser isn't considered Beer
(tastes sour, kinda like Japanese vinegar.) 8-) .

But this is the best use of Buttwiser I've seen yet. ;-)

What I have been making is chicken in a kama meishi bowl. I
mentioned these before, these kept Mashiko alive for many years when the
pottery business went south. They are a little pot that looks like
the old time wood fired iron rice kettle, with a little ceramic lid.
They were the container of a very popular Eki-ben, or, railroad station
boxed meal.

What I have been doing is making stuffing from my Grandma Love's
sage turkey stuffing recipe, stuffing the kama meishi bowl with it and
then cover it with a half a chicken breast instead of the lid. A
friend, an ex-pat from N.Y.N.Y gave us her old electric oven so I can
cook this and Minnesota Hot Dish. Tuna isn't expensive, but when I
can find Campbell's mushroom soup, it costs about $2.25 a can.

Mel made a list of skills every person should have. I was
surprised not to see cooking on it (I do think he did list sewing.) :-)

Lee In Mashiko
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