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clay it forward/cookbooks and chappell's

updated thu 8 apr 04


Joyce Lee on tue 6 apr 04

Clay and Glazes, Revised Edition. There are two
cookbooks and one Chappell's available from
a generous claybud. The cookbooks are the
Clayart Cookbook that Lisa had published year
before last.

1) Recipient must be a clayarter .... if you don't
know what a clayarter is, you don't qualify.

2) There must be some immediate financial
stress ..... where the recipient couldn't buy
such a book at this time due to family or
personal money concerns. It doesn't matter
if you've applied before.... if circumstances
haven't changed or are worse, of course you

3) Recipient must post to me speaking to the
above.......... AND send me his/her snail
mail address. =20

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