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yixing tea pot workshop

updated wed 7 apr 04


Elly Dotseth on tue 6 apr 04

CERAMIC ARTISTS OF SAN DIEGO is proud to present
a workshop on Yixing Teapots
Please join us April 24, 2004 9 am -4 pm
San Diego Mesa College =95 Lecture Hall, Room G101
$40.00 Members =95 $50.00 Non-members
The workshop will be held in the new Lecture Hall, Room G101. Don=92t miss=
this workshop! Brian Gillis, Ceramics Director at Mesa College has arranged=
for Audio Visual support, just like at NCECA, and every seat will have a=20
fantastic view.
Don=92t forget the pot luck lunch, bring something to share!
There is plenty of room, but if you would like to reserve a spot, you can=20
send your check ahead of time to me, Debbie Nolan at 3445 Mt. Carol Drive,=
San Diego, CA 92111. Make the check payable to CASD. Don=92t delay!
Please contact me at 619-291-5571 x25 daytime or 858-571-5856 evenings, or=
by e-mail at, if you have any questions, need directions or=
want to let me know you=92re coming.
Special thanks to Brian Gillis for all his help with the venue and the=20
Audio Visual support and thanks to Mesa College for their support!
APRIL 24,2004
Demonstrations will include...
Yixing Traditional Round Teapots
Demonstration of a round Yixing teapot, using traditional tools and slab=20
techniques. Watch the amazing transformation from thin paddled slabs into a=
perfectly symmetrical round form. Learn the secrets behind this process and=
it=92s vast array of tools. Every step is explained and demonstrated in=20
detail, illustrating the importance of craftsmanship and precision. The=20
roots of this ancient technique date back
1000 years to the Song Dynasty. Since that time Yixing has been renowned=20
for the elegance and function of it=92s small teapots.
Yixing Traditional Square Teapots
A similar process and attention to craftsmanship. Insight into the unique=20
Yixing aesthetic tradition will be explored.
Realistic Bamboo and Wood Teapots
Demonstration of teapots made to look like bamboo and wood. Yixing has a=20
long tradition of teapots that emulate objects of nature, creating a space=
for contemplation during the drinking of tea. Traditional Yixing tools and=
working methods will be used as a building block for imaginative teapots=20
inspired by nature.
JUNYA SHAO is a Chinese ceramic artist. Her works build upon the Yixing=20
teapot tradition. She currently splits her time between Yixing and the=20
U.S., exhibiting her work and teaching workshops.
XIAOPING LUO was born in Jiangxi Province, China and is the founder of=20
Xiaoping Studio. He is an artist, sculptor &
Debbie Nolan16.vcf