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updated mon 5 apr 04


lela martens on sun 4 apr 04

I have mentioned this book before, have no affiliation except having met
Robin at a clay conference in 2001 in Kelona.
His book, `Stayin` Alive..Survival Tactics for the Visual Artist` devotes a
chapter to photography, written by Janet Dwyer, a fine art product
photographer. It gets into how to do it yourself, equipment, light, film,
reflectors, backgrounds, etc.
I really get a lot out of this book, everyday clear language. It also covers
the business end, legalities, promotion, and more. Lots of potters and
business experts contributed, illustrating there are different ways to `make
it`. The contents apply to other art media as well.
Many beautiful pot pictures for inspiration. Best wishes from Lela
ps. I look forward to seeing Robin in action again this June at the clay
conference in Red Deer. info at

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