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shelves for the working stiff/paul h.

updated mon 5 apr 04


Craig Martell on sun 4 apr 04

Paul asked:
>Craig, you wrote that you put kiln wash on them, and I was
>wondering how you dry them before firing. Do you pre-bisque as the Mayor
>recommends, or just dry them for a while?

Hi Paul:

I don't bisque them. I just allow enough time before I need to load the
kiln and let them dry by the stove in the shop or outside in the sun. I
feel them when I think they're ready and if they are very cool and damp
feeling I give them some more time. My wash is 75% alumina oxide and 25%
kaolin. I got the recipe from Tom Turner many moons past.

Hope the wood fire goes well. Say hello to Joe.

regards, Craig Martell Hopewell, Oregon