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help my plates are breaking in two

updated mon 5 apr 04


Lynn Barnwell on thu 1 apr 04

Thanks all,

I am looking into all the suggestions that have been offered on my problem.
I was moving one of the emails to a saved folder and lost it??? Did it go to

I am sorry I cannot remember the sender as I was going to reply to all
points to him. Please forgive not getting a personal email back.

Ron Roy has graciously offered assistance and as soon as I can get all the
info together it will be going to him for testing. Here is hoping that it
is not a clay problem with Standard 112, and can easily be fixed with a
glaze alteration as the glaze is beautiful!.

Thanks for all your help,

Lynn Barnwell

Hinkle Creek Pottery

117 CR 515

Corinth, MS 38834