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cm's wonderful cover/ vince and nature/leland's post

updated mon 5 apr 04


Ann Brink on sun 4 apr 04

Hi Leland & all

One of the few ways I use text on my functional pottery is to convey the
idea you stated in your post. Sometimes, around the rim of platters, etc, I
have placed the words: "All is One is All is One is All......and so on.
Usually loosely with cobalt on-glaze brushwork.

As I tell people who are looking at the writing, "and here's my
philosophical statement (:-)"

Good firings!
Ann Brink in Lompoc CA

Leland wrote: (snip)
> I do not entirely agree with all that is Zen Buddist, but from my limited
> understanding of some Buddist Philosophies (They vary somewhat like the
> Judeo Christian traditions) or Taoism. (some one will correct me if wrong
> suspect, Lee?) but it seems to me that they lean toward a phylosophy that
> man is defined by nature. That man IS nature. Natural. No more. No
> less. A product of. A part of. The universe is one thing. One. When a
> human being sees the earth and universe in this light, abuse or neglect
> becomes impossible. The Native Americans understood this. So have many
> other Aboriginal cultures throughout the history and evolution of man.