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cm cover continued

updated sat 3 apr 04


kenneth dec on fri 2 apr 04

Several members have asked, so I'll explain why I don't like April's=20
CM cover. I was flip when I said it is "Puke-O-rama". I didn't=20
explain. Claudi Casanovas isn't telling us anything we don't know=20
about earthy texture or clay itself. His works says, "Geology is way=20
cool!" sorry, we know that. What I want to see from the artist is=20
that texture pushed beyond geological forms. Take that texture and=20
show us a figure- perhaps a torso of a man or the back of a lizard-=20
show us how we emerged from harsh, cold broken rock to be the warm,=20
breathing, living beings we are. Casanovas is simply producing=20
lifeless geodes, just like our planet has been doing quite=20
brilliantly for billions of years. It is not art to copy nature; art=20
makes a statement beyond the obvious that relates to the viewer as a=20
human being.

Melissa Jeswald Dec
Melissa's Clay Designs
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