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cm and land use

updated sat 3 apr 04


Eleanora Eden on fri 2 apr 04

"The work he makes is spatial, dynamic, awe inspiring, in a way even
narrative, depicting life and capturing its essence, making remarkable that
which is unremarkable ..."

Hi Ken and all,

The above is the kind of frivolous art-speak that seems to dominate the
discussion. Hooray for you Ken your post was very refreshing. I don't get
CM anymore never decided not to guess these things go in cycles with
me. Maybe some NCECA I'll subscribe again. I like Ken's take because
he makes the effort to get the meaning and then brings it back to the real

Hope you are all having a great day. I have been having more fun than I
can remember with this new Air America station. Move Over Rush!!!!!!!

Eleanora Eden........PS its channel 167 on my XM satellite radio, streams
over internet at