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ceramics monthly rejection - i really want to know

updated sat 3 apr 04


Simona Drentea on fri 2 apr 04

<enough to be considered for this ad in their magazine. >>

With people getting out of sorts about this statement, what I would really
like to know this in fact what CM put in your letter? Or was this your
take on what was actually in the letter? I hate to condemn a magazine for an
unprofessional reply like this w/o actually knowing what the verbiage was in
the letter. There's a world of difference between say "we're sorry, but your
submission does not meet our criteria at this time" & "your work is not good
enough to be in our magazine". Is it at all possible that what was said was the
former & the recipient interpreted it as the latter?

Kind of reminds me of the whole recent brouhaha over someone getting a mug at
the exchange who wasn't on Clayart. Tons & tons of posts, much thought &
effort & emotions into what needed to be changed & then we find out, oh yeah, the
guy really is on Clayart.

Simona in CO where wildfire season is here early