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: shelves for the working stiff

updated sat 3 apr 04


Lee Love on sat 3 apr 04

clennell wrote:

>Great information on the Advancer shelves. My wood kiln is my toy and I
>can't ever imagine spending big bucks for shelves to get the liven crap
>kicked outta them.

Not sure if you saw my previous post, but I put up photos of my
$10.00 shelves here:

Are they like the ones you are talking about? You can see
the slits cut into them in the photos. In the second photo I am holding
a shelf in the air with one hand.

Shimaoka has used them for many years in his small gas kiln
and Euan Craig has been using them for some time in his wood kiln, which
is the same design as mine.

Lee in Mashiko