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misc: modem fixed; canadian medical care; am i ready

updated fri 2 apr 04


Lili Krakowski on thu 1 apr 04

Hello. good to be back. My modem left us for the scrap heap, ENDLESS =
waits on hold, finally finally I am back "home."

Two points.

Tony Clennell included in a message just before Modem died, that =
Americans can always hop across the border for cheap Canadian medical =
care. I assume it was meant as a joke, and hope no one took it =
seriously. While prescription drugs are cheaper in Canada, as all who =
have used mailorder Canadian pharmacies know, medical care is NOT. =
Leaving aside that the rules vary from province to province, our own =
experience in Quebec (Montreal) was that doctor and hospital services =
cost a whole lot for foreigners; as much as here. One has to be enrolled =
in the system to benefit from the provincial health care service. =20

Also: be aware that Medicare DOES NOT pay abroad. Which means that if =
you break a leg in Canada you either dash home, or you better have =
special travel health insurance ---it IS available and you SHOULD check =
it. And if you are not on Medicare you want to check your own insurance =
to be sure they pay abroad.

And then: Are you ready to enter a show? Nothing keeps you from it; =
nothing makes you do it. Go to any show and you will see that some work =
is great, some stinks, some grabs your heart, some turns your stomach. =
IF you decide to enter a show, then, as Susan (?) pointed out you are =
enlisting in emotional disarray. You get into one show! Elation, =
bliss, pop the champagne cork. You are rejected by a show! Tears, =
rage, depression. I am not saying that is how you WILL react. Only =
that you MAY.

Once you decide to enter shows you are turning clay into competition. =
Period. How competitive are you?

All blessings whatever you decide.