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geil rejection

updated fri 2 apr 04


Chris Rupp on thu 1 apr 04

I think people should understand that the Geil Kiln ad has nothing to do
with CM. The Geil Kiln ad is run by representatives of Geil Kilns and
doesn't have anything to do with CM with the exception that their
advertisement runs in the magazine. I have noticed in the past that large
number of the works featured in the Geil ad have been "friends" of the Geil
reps (who will remain nameless) and I would think that is kind of the way it
goes....Unless your specific piece is truly something spectacular I don't
think you have a fighting chance. Also a big part of it has to do with the
quality of photography...Look at the past ads and see what type of pictures
they are looking for. If yours are not as good, then you won't make it
simply because of this...If you can't take "professional" pictures hire
someone to take them. Sweeps with a nice gradient will make all the
difference in the world!
Lastly, try the other magazine. If you are just trying to get your work
published, try the gallery section of Clay Times. They seem to be much more
lenient about the quality of photography and standards of pots.
Don't give up, try, try again.

Sunny Santa Barbara

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