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cm rejection

updated fri 2 apr 04


mjd2361 on thu 1 apr 04

Your rejection posting made my blood boil! I visited your web site
and your work is wonderful! I LOVE it! I would be proud to produce
such work someday. How UNPROFESSIONAL for a rejection note to tell
you that your work is "not good or professional enough to be
considered for this ad"!!! Regardless of whether it was CM editors or
Geil staffers, they should thank you for the submission and simply
state that they have chosen their images, and that they will "keep
your work on file for future ads" PERIOD! (Just like the BS business
world I left behind). Is there an inter-galactic pottery council that
elected them to decide what work is professional? If you sell your
work, and make money at it, then it is "professional" work. I suspect
the culprit is politics: Geil has potters that are their mothers and
uncles and neighbors- they'll always get preference (just like the BS
business world...)
As to Ceramics Monthly,
The April '04 cover is, IMHO, puke-O-rama. I would see the same image
if I unpacked 50# of clay and left it on the wedging table for a
month. Yes, I know we all want to express how organic and earthy clay
is, but let's demonstrate that a human hand actually touched it. (It
would have been nice to see if this piece has a base, or what size it
is, etc.) Comparable to "found art sculpture".
The rest of the mag is hit or miss, which is OK- sometimes inspiring,
sometimes eye-rolling. As a former advertising creative type, I have
a tough time getting past the ads. They're gawdawful.
'Nuff said.
Melissa Jeswald Dec
Melissa's Clay Designs

clennell on fri 2 apr 04

Sour Cherry Pottery

> thank you for your honest post karen, in regards to ceramics monthly
> acceptance of work. I must be in the minority. I submitted several
> slides of my work to the editor of that magazine to be considered in
> the GEIL kiln full page ad. The ad features a pot fired in a Geil Kiln
> that an artist owns. I was so hopeful, but they told me my work was
> not good or professional enough to be considered for this ad in their
> magazine. I was devastated, still am. I truly thought my work was as
> good as any other featured clay artist, that fires in a Geil kiln. So
> go figure, different tastes for different folks. thanks kathy

Kathy: The work shown in the Geil ad is juried by Tom and Elaine Coleman
not by the editor of CM.
For those of you that are disappointed by a rejection remember this- I think
Ruth Butler told me 12 submissions per day cross the editors desk.
I have to agree with the Mississippi Queen if you want to see quality work
and there is none better than your own, you had better submit it. I see the
magazine kinda like a kiln load- one or two racers per load, a bunch of
so-whats (so what it's a pot or an article), some landfill and some food for
I wrote the editor Sherman Hall just a few weeks ago to congratulate
him/staff and Dick Lehman for one of the best bits of eye candy these eyes
had seen in a while.
You can please some of the people some of time, but not all of the people
all of the time.
Learn from the rejection- rephotograph, make a new piece, make it your
mission to be centerfold.
All the best,
Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario