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be on the cover of cm

updated sun 4 apr 04


mel jacobson on thu 1 apr 04

here are a few helpful hints.

1. vertical slide
2. dynamite, electric, moving slide
3. have your slide jump off a large screen into sherman's lap.
4. have a slide that makes renee` jump up and down and yell...
`that one, that one, that one`...sit down renee`.
5. have a slide that has amazing contrast.
6. have a slide of an image no one has ever seen before.
(remember, they get bored fast. they do this over and over
every month. see hundreds of images.)

be aware that the entire staff of cm is in a slide room /dark.
all the images that will be in the magazine that month are
on slide carrousels. they go through them all, over and over.
then one is picked. and, it has to zing. it has to be something
that makes that magazine stand out at the newstand, against other
magazines. it has to be great...not good. it has to float...just like
this months. they do not give a damn who did it, or what political
ties they have. they worry about their magazine...and i would
do the same if i was in the room. they look for an image...just
an image to make the cover go ZOWIE. i bet over the last twenty
years...not once, has any staff member missed sleep because
someone did not like `that kind of work`. it is about their magazine.
they create it each month. it is their baby. they care.
as kurt just said. people send them stuff. they do not curry
favors or seek work. they just work with what is given to them.

pmi seeks many more authors than cm. tim needs variety of
style, and technique. it is really hard for him to find a cover.
bad slides...ick. `how to` does not lend itself to covers.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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Paul Lewing on fri 2 apr 04

on 4/1/04 7:50 PM, mel jacobson at melpots@PCLINK.COM wrote:

> here are a few helpful hints.

Here's another:
7. Leave extra room at the top of your slide so they have room to print the
name of the magazine.
Paul Lewing, Seattle