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being sued, foodsafe, ect.(ot)

updated wed 31 mar 04


Jennifer Boyer on tue 30 mar 04

Don was the person in 1994 or so who introduced me to Clayart. I had
just gotten internet access and was trying to chat on the AOL potters
group (which didn't cut it)......
Thanks Don!
On Mar 29, 2004, at 10:53 PM, Don Kopyscinski wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> Rick, piedpotterhamelin@COMCAST.NET writes:
> <> on the
> label the warning that this particular ice cream contained peanuts.
> The ice cream was Peanut Butter Cup. Duh, they had to SPELL IT OUT to
> the
> consumer.>>
> I advocate responsible behavior and full disclosure, when it comes to
> questionable glazes. Sometimes even that doesn't help. Let me share a
> weird
> conversation I had with a man (by all appearances normal), at a show,
> a few years ago.
Jennifer Boyer
Thistle Hill Pottery
Montpelier, VT