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our own conference

updated tue 30 mar 04


mel jacobson on mon 29 mar 04

remember, clayart, potters council, art division of acers
is growing and getting very powerful.

we are doing things for people, potters, clay folks.
it is big stuff. it is about our craft. serious stuff.

acers is jumping on the bandwagon to help and support
us. there are some great people that have joined that
corporation that have a sense of what we are, where we
are going, and what we are doing.
the regional meetings/conferences are just a starting point.

it is time to think a bit bigger.
include more people.
crafts /people, that are not ashamed to admit and
admire the craft. work for it.

and as with toxic materials.. we do not care what folks around the
world did twenty years ago, 80 years ago. that was then, now is now.

it is what will happen ten years from now.
are potters going to be safe....or die like the loved david shaner.?
an awful painful tragic death of a world icon.
manganese. it is poison.
dust in the lungs, poison.

i am concerned about the safety of potters.
if we take care of that, it will spill to our customers.
save us first. use safe materials, safe firing practice, safe
glaze calculation.
it will never interfere with creativity. only an ass would make
pots that harm the potter and the customer.
no matter how artistic.

Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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