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updated sun 28 mar 04


mel jacobson on sat 27 mar 04

my take is, and has been.....look to the future,
not the past.

we can find hundreds of examples of bad glazes, almost
toxic stuff sold by potters.

what we are trying to do is bring the world
of potters in line with safety, understanding and
an attitude that we can control what we make with
decent science.

there is no reason to sell pots to anyone that
are not safe, well made, and have good tight fitting

it is the future.
it is what is going to lift ceramics into the
next generation.

good design
good safety for the potter and customer
good craftsmanship
and care and concern for the craft.

if we do that, we have left a damn good start
for young potters.
they come ready to do the right thing.

this is the gift that clayart is giving the world.
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