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fair checklist and inventory

updated sun 28 mar 04


Eleanora Eden on sat 27 mar 04

Hi Cat and all,

The fair checklist has become an art form in itself around here. I have
one for the business end and Fred has one for the booth stuff. We try not
to leave anything to chance or memory. I make notes during the fair if
anything occurs to me and put them on my inventory sheet to help to update
the list for the next time.

I use those square garbage cans on wheels for the inventory that is being
unpacked initially.....tape the lids down, too. For back up inventory I
use smaller bins. My back up is individually wrapped, taped, and marked
with what it is in my shorthand and the price. So when I need to find
something quickly for a customer I can practically toss them around looking
for the one I'm after and not have any breakage. Then I can consolidate
those bins before breakdown time and top them up with stuff from the
shelves to jumpstart breakdown.

I have inventory lists that have the backup stuff marked in red so I can
instantly see if I have a particular something in back. When it gets
unwrapped that gets circled in black. Something sells it gets an X through
it. This works extremely well especially when I have back to back fairs
and am not unloading between. I know what is front up and back up without
looking. The back up tends not to get unwrapped til the end of the season,
just sold off and added to.


Hope this all helps somebody.

At 12:17 AM 3/23/04 -0500, you wrote:
>In a message dated 3/21/2004 9:10:54 AM Central Standard Time,
>gayle@CLAYBAIR.COM writes:
> > This system works well for me. I always know what is in
> > the tubs. Once home I can do an in depth inventory review.
> > Regarding packing... after years of doing shows I have
> > gotten cavalier and do not wrap each piece individually.
> > I use bubble wrap which being clear makes it easier to
> > identify pieces. I'll stack smaller items in larger ones and only
> > use the bubble wrap if they seem like they are going to rattle
> > and or break.
> > So far this cavalier attitude is working... no busted pots.
> > Now I do maintain care and good wrapping with teapots
> > or any other pieces with delicate appendages.
>Gail, thank you for the advice! I agree that after a sale I am usually dead
>tired to do any logging of inventory. I myself have only been able to do it
>about 2 out of 3 times but its after i get back to the studio or storage
>that I
>wished I had done it. I like your idea of pre-labeling the storage boxes and
>using them only for those items specified on the outside. Any suggestions on
>what make the best containers for transporting and storage? I use the
>large ones
>where the lids are attached by hinges so they can fold over on the top, that
>way I'm not having lids separate from the boxes.
>Cat Yassin
>San Antonio
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