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ceramics monthly (with signature)

updated sun 28 mar 04


David McBeth on sat 27 mar 04

> I was going to go to the movies the other day but when I got to the
> theatre I was stunned to discover that one of the six movies playing
> was something I had no interest in seeing, so I drove on. I decided to
> go out to dinner instead but one look at the menu told me the resturant
> had the audacity to serve a few dishes I would never think of eating.
> So it was off to the grocery store where I thought I'd find something
> to take home and cook. Can you believe that my local grocery store
> actually sells food I don't want to buy? And now I have learned that
> one of my trusted friends, Ceramics Monthly, is a magazine that might
> not appeal to everyone all the time, and that they might even be trying
> to broaden my horizons. What is this world coming to?
Sorry folks - I am using a computer that I do not normally use for clayar=
and forgot to add the signature

David McBeth
Professor of Art
UT Martin
MartinTN 38238