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question about styrofoam for sculpting. caution on styro

updated sat 27 mar 04


Craig Dunn Clark on fri 26 mar 04


The fumes from burning styro are toxic! Do not inhale them if you are
using them in a loose set sand pour. Don't do it indoors unless there is one
of those really big elephant trunk type vacume hoses with the really big
heads that someone is using over the mold that immediately sucks up all the
gas when you are pouring your metal! Keep anyone who is not directly
involved back and away. Make certain that there is a fresh supply of air
coming into and through any space where these fumes may gather. Pay
reeaaalllyy close attention to where the fumes are exhausted to. If this is
being done in an institutional setting make sure that the recirc systems are
all turned off or that the air intake is nowhere close to where the styro is
being burned.
Craig Dunn Clark
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> Dear Llewellyn Kouba,
> There are problems with burning Syrofoam. The fumes are highly
> irritant. I also understand the they are also highly toxic due to the
> formation of cyanide bearing products. Look into that side of it
> before you proceed to refute or confirm my suggestions.
> Best regards,
> Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia
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