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greg daly's style was re: hydrometers... the case for the defence

updated fri 26 mar 04


Carol Tripp on thu 25 mar 04


Hi Ivor,
I just received Greg Daly's book (per your recommendation on Clayart) and I
was wondering about the process he shows on pages 94-5 where the glazes are
applied on to tiles vertically and then horizontally. He mentions that a
medium can be added to the glaze to aid brushability. Do you add anything
to your glazes in order to do this type of testing? Or am I wrong in
assuming you are doing that sort of testing? And yes, I know I should read
the book from start to finish but I like to skip ahead when no one is
Best regards,
Dubai, UAE
And you really do need to wear your glasses when you get on and off that
bathroom scale five times.

Ivor wrote:
>My standard test piece is a flat tile, 6*2 1/4 thick. While the clay
>is still soft part of it is textured along one edge. Glaze is always
>applied in three thicknesses.
>It is a style of working I acquired from Greg Daly.
>Now I shall have to start using that sausage dip test on my new

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