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ash glazes and cadycal

updated fri 26 mar 04


Marc Hudson on thu 25 mar 04


I only recently became aware of CadyCal100 (it is listed as an ingredient=
John Hasselberth=92s GlazeMaster 2.0 (GM2.0) computer software. I became=
intregued with it as a replacement for Gersley Borate. I have tested man=
other non-ash glazes replacing Gerstley Borate with CadyCal100 (making sm=
changes to the unity formula) with no noticeable adverse affect. I have =
yet made the same switch with my ash glaze, although, I believe there wou=
be little or no problem. I did replace GB with CadyCal in GM2.0 and foun=
minor changes (in unity): Cao went from 0.602 to 0.623, B2O3 went from 0=
to 0.094, and both Alumina and Silica went down a little bit. These are v=
little changes to this glaze. So, I think if there is a noticeable chang=
it will be to make the glaze a bit more runny. I hope this helps,

Marc Hudson
Playing with Fire
Espa=F1ola, NM, USA

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From: Carole Fox
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> Marc-
> Well, first off, let me say that your work is beautiful- really beautif=
> My question is-
> Have you used both the GB and Cadycal with similar results? If=20
> different, how so?
> Carole Fox
> Silver Fox Pottery
> Elkton, MD
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> From: "Marc Hudson"
> Subject: Ash Glazes
> Mrx Wood Ash Glaze:
> Wood Ash 50%
> Wollastonite 12.5%
> Tennessee Ball Clay 12.5%
> Kona F4 Feldspar 12.5%
> CadyCal 100 or Gerstly Borate 12.5%
> 100%
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