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slide workshop in the clayart room,results

updated thu 25 mar 04


Sandy Miller on wed 24 mar 04

The slide workshop put on in the clayart room at nceca was
great, lots of information!! Thank you Russel, John and Jennifer!! So =
last night I ran some pots=20
down to a friends studio and we shot these. We had the=20
same set up as John showed. One light over head, diffused
and bouncing light with a white card. I would love some=20
feedback on these. They were shot digitally. I went armed
with notes from the lecture and different pots with different
glazes. The black glaze was the most difficult, no matter=20
what we did we got an awful glare of a satin matt glaze.
ok you clayart'ers let er' rip! Don't be nice and don't look at
the pots look at the photography. Thanx a heap!!
Sandy Miller