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trying to clarify the 06 bisque/6 glaze issue

updated wed 24 mar 04


S.E.W. on tue 23 mar 04

O.K. In regards to the cone 06 bisque/cone 6 glaze issue (or vice versa, =
I'm not sure what we are talking about), I will refrain from giving any =
further input. Each response I read has made me realize that not any of =
us can really discuss this issue because no one has clarified what they =
are talking about. Based on the vague information, I have come to =
realize that we must all be talking about something different. Unless it =
is specified as to the exact type of glaze, cone, and bisque that are =
used and the process in which they are fired, this issue isn't worth =
discussing. I almost responded to Pam's post but refrained from doing so =
because again, I couldn't tell what it was that she was doing. Sorry for =
any confusion or information that seemed incorrect.