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updated wed 24 mar 04


mel jacobson on tue 23 mar 04

hey, this could be very dangerous.

do you all realize that dolita was in indy.
yes, dolita.
i had to take care of her, show her around...try
and open her up a bit.
she is very very shy, stood behind the door.

they come out from behind the door, and you cannot
get them back there.
damn, she was all over the place.
dolita this, dolita that.
changes clothes every twenty minutes.
new look.

see, we can create monsters.

now she is posting us and asking us to
look up stuff for her.

now that she has a scale, what next?
she will want tom buck to move in with her, make
her glazes. order him around.

see, mentor programs can back fire.
soot in your face.
next year, she will want to be president of nceca.

she does look best in powder blue however, shows off her
best feature...eyes.

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Merrie Boerner on tue 23 mar 04

Ha ! Mel, I thought you were describing ME .
At my first year at NCECA in Denver, the lurkers and newbies were
sitting up against the wall in the Clayart room. With a little
encouragement, we formed a big circle, then ...within minutes, we were in
smaller groups of like group with beads, another group
looking at photos of kilns, another group making plans for supper. When one
of the shy ones began to talk, I said, "OH ! LOOK ! The lurker is posting !"
We all laughed and everyone enjoyed the "newbie post." Potters are as
comfortable to be around as family, you just get to CHOOSE the potters you
want to hang out with, and LEAVE the family for a few days :>)
Everyone has their FIRST NCECA.....everyone should leave with new
friends and knowledge and great experiences.
On my flight up to Indy, I sat in front of a 6 year old girl who sang out
loud. She didn't know how much I was enjoying her freedom of expression and
lack of inhibition. As we descended to land, she looked out the window at
the snow covered ground and said to her Mother, "This is a memory I'm going
to keep !" That just about sums up NCECA for me.
I drew Wayne's wonderful porcelain candlestick. Now I have a piece of
Wayne in my home in Mississippi. He was one of the new guys I set out to
meet.....expecting to see a parrot-head with cut-offs and flip-flops.....I
was pleasantly surprised !
He is a memory I'm going to are about 1000 other new people.
Yall save your pennies.....I want to see 'all yall' in Baltimore !
Just....don't ask me for directions or suggestions on what to do and where
to go at any given time.....flitting about is my favorite part of the
schedule ;>)
Merrie in Mississippi

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