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vince's re: re: re: hydrometers... the case for the defence

updated sun 21 mar 04


Carol Tripp on sat 20 mar 04


Whoa Vince. The message that bothered you went right along with the
continuing discussion about hydrometers. Many of us are annoyed by changes
of topic in the middle of another but this is not the case here. You need
to be reading along with the thread. Did you see the one where Ivor gets on
and off his bathroom scale five times? That was part of the thread too.
Normal Clayart conversation and not off topic at all.

Best regards,
Dubai, UAE

Vince wrote this, in part:
>I'm sorry, but why in the world is this message being written under the
>above subject line? When you completely change the subject of a thread,
>PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change the subject line accordingly.

He was referring to this, written by I am not naming who:
A digital thermometer may give a rather unreliable (several percent off a
> > true reading) and unreproducible (another thermometer will give a
> > temperature) reading of temperature in a kiln, but it has good
> > discrimination so it can tell you whether the kiln is getting hotter or
> > stalled, precise but inaccurate in your terms.

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