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updated sat 20 mar 04


Vince Pitelka on fri 19 mar 04


> A digital thermometer may give a rather unreliable (several percent off a
> true reading) and unreproducible (another thermometer will give a
> temperature) reading of temperature in a kiln, but it has good
> discrimination so it can tell you whether the kiln is getting hotter or
> stalled, precise but inaccurate in your terms.

I'm sorry, but why in the world is this message being written under the
above subject line? When you completely change the subject of a thread,
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change the subject line accordingly.

Sorry to seem grumpy. I am having a wonderful time at NCECA, but I have
little time for Clayart right now, so perhaps that makes me less tolerant
towards people who waste my time with careless and inconsiderate Clayart

I still love you all -
- Vince

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