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safe journey, everyone!

updated tue 16 mar 04


primalmommy on sun 14 mar 04

Just time tomorrow to pack, develop and mail slides to Lark, send off a
kiln god, load a cooler with low carb munchies, bottle a little homemade
wine to go, leave Jeff a schedule of kids' appointments, lessons and
activities... wrap and pack my mug for the exchange (nobody better act
grumpy if they pick it)... and put all my listservers on no mail. Hard
to imagine the world can continue to turn the rest of the week without
me chasing my daily list of things to do...

I still am looking for a ride home saturday, anywhere in the vicinity of
Toledo.. my family would gladly drive to detroit or wherever to collect
me... I'll be the one at NCECA with my thumb out, harassing people for a
ride. Do the nametags have a home town on them? I'll know who to harass.
If that doesn't work maybe I'll get mel to loan me a few million ticks.
I will build a tick sled.. like a dog sled -- one mangy dog in front,
and a few million ticks in harness behind him, pulling the sled with me
and my nceca goodies and posters. We'll go like the wind, and be back in
Ohio by lunchtime. Maybe we can make it a tradition -- the clayart
tick-sled iditarod.

It's cold here, our furnace is (according to the repair guy today) on
its last legs and I keep thinking how warm it will be in that hotel hot
tub... the family bathtub full of plastic dinosaurs just doesn't do
it... My hubby says I will not be able to adapt to the peace and quiet
without my 3 little kids day and night but he's never met my roomies...
Lori and Gail, hope you like candy-sweet, burns-all-the-way-down, home
made organic currant wine.. maybe gooseberry wine. Tony can't have any
(snooty boots wine taster type). If I can't find the bottle corker I'll
bring it in mason jars. Maybe we'll let tony sniff the lid.

OK that's all for me for email for a while. I have to get up early and
practice my posturing in front of the mirror. Mel will be watching
everybody. It's all in the angle of the chin and the dismissive wave of
the wrist.. a casual tone when using words like "juxtaposition" and
"human experience". After all I HAVE had one pot accepted in a small
juried show... I am sure Soldner and his ilk will be wanting my

Kelly in Ohio
Who would like his mel-ness to know that for women, peeing on a rock is
not a simple thing, as we lack the directional device. I used to
wilderness camp in a dress for reasons along those lines and can attest
that it starts out fine and ends up with a wet birkenstock. Something
about losing pressure. I bet Ivor has a formula to explain it ;0)

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