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mel's book

updated thu 10 mar 05


Bill Jones on mon 15 mar 04


I am pleased to announce that Mel's book, Pottery: A Life, A Lifetime, has been printed
and will soon be on its way! The book contains entertaining stories about his journey to
Japan to work at Kunio Uchida's pottery, Clayart posts, techniques and experiences
from teaching. We've included all his published works from CM and PMI, and he has
supplied original drawings illustrating his techniques.

One shipment will reach NCECA on late Wednesday or early Thursday in time for a
book signing scheduled for 12-2 pm at The American Ceramic Society booth in the
Exhibition Hall. Axner's will also be selling the book at NCECA. For more information,
click on the web link.

Bill Jones
American Ceramic Society
Books Program Manager

Joyce Lee on sun 21 mar 04

Others will report, as will I, on the comings&goings
in Indianapolis.... absolutely the Best Time yet
(as we say every year)...... but for the moment
my most compelling thoughts have to do with
Mel's book, which I didn't have an opportunity to
begin reading until the series of plane rides which
wafted me back to the warm breezes of the
Mojave yesterday.

At first I simply looked it over, marveling=20
at the beauty
of the cover as well as the genius of ACerS
in tying together all the bits&pieces that=20
join to create Our Mel/Our Mayor
........ his life/ his work/his essence..... in=20
order to produce a beautifully cohesive and
loving work that will continue to inspire
potters for our lifetimes.

ACerS is to be highly congratulated for seeing
the possibilities inherent in the life&work of
our mayor ....... and making it happen. I hope
I don't sound toadyish ..... for I have nothing
to gain when I say that the more I get to know
people like Bill Jones and Tim Frederich through
NCECA and Potters Council, the more I'm
impressed with their insight, and determination
to forge ahead opening up new avenues of
exploration for potters everywhere. =20

AND you'll be hearing in a Clay It Forward post
about the copies of Mel's book that will
be given to sixteen lucky claybuds ..... the
copies that were pledged at the auction or
as a result of a bet or ???.......... I didn't attend in
SanDiego and don't know the details ... am
hoping someone will enlighten me, please. We
also have a seventeenth copy that an anonymous
donor has pledged. =20

Mel is a Man whose Time has Arrived. It's a
joy to witness .. another reason to be grateful
to the changes clay and Clayart have wrought
in my life......
and in yours.... entangling us/connecting us

in the Mojave .... happy to be smothered
with kisses by the
westie and grateful for the smooth flights to&fro
..... I was determined to join the buds at Indy
if I had to crawl, but thought I'd have many more complications
than I did...... between the cane, making
connections etc...... United
could not have been more helpful. I think this
is the first time I've ever thanked an airline, but
they were phenomenally cooperative in making
it all work .... and I wound up with a free round
trip ticket to anywhere in the contiguous U.S.! ....
but that's another tale with lovely ramifications
of its own..........

Overall's on wed 9 mar 05

When I first received Mel's book I read it cover to cover and rejoiced in receiving it. After I finished reading it, I thought about it and was kind of expecting it to be along the lines of how he e-speaks to us in type and voice. Sharing this with him might have hurt his feelings, but I don't think he'll be too bruised.

Recently, I've picked it up again and NOW read it in a whole new light. That book has a lot of IMPORTANT information he's learned along the way from a culture so unlike our own. This is definitely a "MUST HAVE" book sitting on any potter's, or wanna be potter's, bookshelf.

Pick one up and I would wager your reactions to it are the same as mine. I've had it a year now since it first came out last NCECA. Sure do hope to make it to another NCECA one of these days. What's wrong with Austin to have NCECA? My last one was in New Orleans in the 90's. So long ago I can't remember the exact year.

Thank goodness for Chris in her stay-at-home-mug exchange.