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urgent update: and a plea for the 5th annual clayart slide workshop

updated fri 12 mar 04


Russel Fouts on thu 11 mar 04

I'm getting a little desperate about getting another someone to demo the
wonderful setup that Ellen Marks has donated (see the list below). So far,
I'm the only one demonstrating and I hadn't really intended to do a demo.
I've got plenty to do coordinating the workshop. Please, would someone step
forward and help us out. If you're local to Indy, you could probably get it
early to play with before the workshop.

Actually, regarding the donated setup, I was hoping that someone could demo
it's simpler capabilities. I had in mind a using this to set up a simple
example of the one John Hesselberth describes in his articles for
ClayTimes. Just 1 light, softbox, backdrop, a couple of artboard reflectors
if needed and a small shaving mirror to kick light up into some of the
shadows. Pretty straight forward. Or perhaps a setup of your own devising.

The setup John describes uses a flood. This is a little more complicated
with the strobes but I still think it's possible to do a simple demo.

In addition, to hedge our bets, could some of you Indy locals contact local
schools to see if they might have someone to demo? If you want, you can
have them contact me at if they need more information.

I got the time a little wrong in my last update.

The Clayart Slide Workshop will be in the Clayart Room on Thursday, March
18th between 6:30 pm and 9:00 (NINE) pm. After the Distinguished Lecture
and before the Randall Session. That gives us 2 and 1/2 hours.

Lisa Skeen has volunteered to handle sandwiches for anyone who wants one.
Please send her the money or I understand there will be a "kitty" in the
clayart room. Thanks Lisa!

Sherman Hall editor of Ceramics Monthly, Polly Beach Editor of ClayTimes
and Suzanne Tourtillott editor from Lark have confirmed that they would try
to make it. Their input will be very useful.

People who volunteered to bring extension cords please do so. I suspect we
will need some long ones with multiple sockets since I have no idea where
the electrical sockets will be and Murphy says that they will be on the
opposite side of the room from where you need them. ;-)

And Jennifer Boyer is going to bring her Light Cube to demo as well

We don't know, yet where the clayart room will be but we'll let you know as
soon as we do.

I've included all the previous updates for your information.



OK, this is going to be a GOOD Workshop!

The Clayart Slide Workshop will be in the Clayart Room on Thursday, March
18th between 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm. After the Distinguished Lecture and
before the Randall Session. That gives us 2 and 1/2 hours.

If you want to eat something, bring a sandwich or somebody can get together
to cater it. I can't, I'm sorry but I'm going to have my hands full with
the Slide Workshop.

The Photo Studio lighting Kit being donated by Ellen Marks contains:

SP Studio Pro Portfolio Kit C:
a.. 1 SP-250 Strobe.
b.. 1 SP-150 Strobe.
c.. 1 920MDLVP AC Slave with Snoot.
d.. 1 SP150 Barndoor.
e.. 1 SP920 Light holders.
f.. 1 Backlight Stand.
g.. 2 90" Lightstands.
h.. 1 42" Umbrella.
i.. 3 Swivel Brackets.
j.. Corplas Case with Handle.
Also a light meter, a second umbrella, reflectors, and one of those things
you can shoot light through to cut glare (probably a softbox)

It sounds really nice. We need somebody who thinks they could demo this,
Please! If it were someone in the Indy area, they could probably get it
early to try it out.

And Jennifer Boyer is going to bring her Light Cube to demo as well

If you want to bring pictures of your own set-ups, please do. They should
be large so a group of people can see them or preferably a diagram. We
won't have room to set up a slide projector as well.

I'm really looking forward to this.


I've included all previous Updates below with Carla's permission. ;-)

I have to thank Jean for correcting my math. We have 2.5 hrs available on
Thursday between the "Distinguished Lecture" and the Randall Sesseion so
Thursday looks better than Wedneday. Also, people tend to get back late
from the bus tours and are plum tuckered out.

So would from 6:30 pm until 9:00 pm be ok for people?

Also, Joyce tells me that even though they have more money to pay for it,
the hotel doesn't have any larger spaces available. So it looks like the
only space available is the Clayart Room so that's where it will be unless
we get a sudden stroke of luck. We'll keep you informed.

Thanks a lot to Joyce for going to bat on this and thanks to the benefactors!

In addition someone has volunteered their portable studio setup (camera,
tripod, strobe,3 lights, stands umbrellas, light meter) that she'd be
willing to bring to NCECA if someone else was willing to demo it. I'll get
more details from them as soon as I can. ANY VOLUNTEERS?

Normally we have a panel of "experts" for the Slide Workshop to comment on
the slides and offer advice. In the past these have been Ruth Butler from
Ceramics Monthly, Polly Beach from Clay Times, Janet Mansfield from
Cerarmic Art & Perception, John Hesselberth, Fred Paget, Richard Burkett,
Wendy Rosen, etc. Their advice was always helpful and did a lot to get the
Workshop to where it is today.

This year I wasn't planning to have a panel and leave it up to the people
who were demonstrating their setups. However, I did write them to tell them
what's going on and to invite them to participate if they were able. So far
Sherman Hall, Editor of Ceramics Monthly has said that if their schedule
allows, he plans to come by or to have someone else from his staff come by.
I'm also almost certain that if she can, Polly Beach will come by as well.

More info as it comes in. The rest of this thread is included below.

I'm getting lots of reponses from people who want to attend. Please keep
them coming, they're needed to be able to estimate the crowd. And don't
worry that you might be adding to the crowd. All clayarters are welcome,
we'll deal with it. ;-)

I'm arriving in NCECA on the evening of the 16th so I'll be sending out a
few more updates before then. We will also try to keep you informed of any
changes via the clayart room, the notice board and jungle telegraph if we
have to.



THANK YOU JOYCE AND OUR BENEFACTORS! I knew something would come through.

About the schedule.
Lori Leary pointed out that the Randall Session will be later this year at
9:00 pm on the thursday. By the time it finished, it might be too late.
However, there is a break between the "Distinguished Lecture" which ends at
6:30 pm and the Randall session.

5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.Distinguished Lecture:Shall We Change?-Roald Hoffman
9:00 p.m.Randall Session:Pilobolus TOO

That gives us an hour and a half. We'd have to be fast, on-time and people
might have to bring a sandwich if they were going to be hungry. We don't
want to keep anybody from the Randal Session.

So would Thursday evening between 6:30 pm and 9:00 pm suit people?

Otherwise, there might be time on Wednesday, between 5:00 pm, the end of
the Manufacturer & Suppliers exhibits and 9:00 pm, the beginning of the
Opening Ceremonies. That would give us two hours but again, people would
have to arrive on time and bring a sandwich if they were going to need to eat.

If anybody has a better idea, I'm willing to hear it. I think we need to
get the time and day nailed down early so our benefactors can book the room.

Regarding Demos:
Jennifer Boyer has bought the Light Cube that was discussed on Clayart
earlier and would be willing to bring it to NCECA and demo it if someone
else were willing to bring lights, maybe a "sweep" and a tripod and camera.
There was a lot of interest in this discussion so I think a lot of people
would like to see this in action.

About Attendance:
I'm getting a few people writing me to say that they plan to attend.
Normally they come in a flurry in the weeks before the conference so I'm
not worried. But don't be shy, let's hear from you.

That's about it for now. I've included all previous correspondence below so
people can catch up on what's happening.



Ok, here's the deal. I WILL build and demonstrate the "Captain Kangaroo
Memorial, Desktop, Small object Shooting Box". I just need to convince
Carla to bring me a box, construction paper and a stapler from Pittsburg.

That means that we only need one other. Come on folks, I'm still holding
out for the brass ring.

If anyone is interested in participating in any form please send an email
to so I can estimate the size of the room. Also
we'll probably need people who can volunteer some extension cords. I can't
think of much else that we'll need. I haven't organised this kind of
workshop before.

Several people have suggested that if I can't get anyone to bring their
setup that slides of people's setups would be an idea.

I'm really holding out for a couple/three people to bring their setups or a
simplified version there of. I think the hands on aspect will be very
important. However, if we find that that is not possible then it will be
slides by all means.

Someone also asked if we were going to show slides of work, booths,
production, etc. If we get to demo the shooting setups, I don't think there
will be time. But we could do that next year.

You see, I'm being stubborn. I really think that if people could get some
hands on experience of a couple of shooting setups, it would really go a
long way.


I've included my original message below

You knew it was coming. ;-)

I'm planning to have it, as always on the Thursday night, after the Randall
Session. Generally we try to have it in the Clayart Room but it hasn't
always worked out. If the location changes we will do our best to get the
info out. Even with last minute venue changes, the workshop has
always been well attended, so I think we've managed pretty well here.

I would like the workshop to have a different focus this year. Many people
commented last year that the quality of the slides has improved greatly
since the first one. This is good, we've all done our job well and we have
a lot of people to thank.

A number of you have sent in either written or photographic examples of
your "shooting" setup. Michael Coffee and John Hesselberth come to mind.
I've already talked to John but he's already over commited for this NCECA
and unfortunatly won't be able to bring his.

I would like some of you to volunteer to bring your "rig" to NCECA and demo
it for the clayarters. Show how it's set up, how to arrange the lights, the
backdrop, etc.

I'm looking for 2 or 3 people. We'll set each up in a corner of the room
and run it like the "Tool Doctors" workshop several years ago. The demos
would be simultaneous and clayarters could move from demo to demo ask
questions and maybe even try them out.

I think people will be interested in both professional and "amateur" set
ups so let's see what turns up.

Clayarters are hands on people and I think this would really be a benefit
and a lot of fun.

If people need to ship equipment, I have family in Indy and perhaps they
could receive the "goods". That way you wouldn't have to bring it on the
plane if that was your only means. Hopefully, we'll get volunteers that can
drive their setups to NCECA.

I'm sure we can arrange tables for you to set up on so you wouldn't have to
bring those.

In addition to the 2 or 3 demonstrators, if someone wanted to bring and
demo some nifty accessory, like the Lite Cube currently being discussed,
that would be great.

Any way, there it is. The idea isn't completely worked out yet but let's
see if we get some bites.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Russel Fouts
Mes Potes & Mes Pots
Brussels, Belgium
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Mobile: +32 476 55 38 75

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Jean Lehman on thu 11 mar 04

Try sending this to John Hesselberth asking if he could help.

See you SOON!

Jean Lehman,

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