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coc classes for people with ms - ok a little help now?

updated sat 13 mar 04


Susan Giddings on thu 11 mar 04

Hi everyone,

Met with the students in the first class last night. What terrific people!
We will have a lot of fun. I am getting impatient for May 3rd (the first
night of classes with this group).

I was hoping I could ask you all for some advice:

1. One of the students is unsteady in a chair without a back and sides. OK,
we can take care of that - sort of. Problem is that the easiest way I am
thinking to help her is behind a Brent. Well, she needs a hand lever. Is
there some easy way to hook up a hand lever to the foot pedal on a Brent? I
am not seeing one available in add-on equipment from any of the suppliers. I
do have Shimpos available, but I am not sure that these will be as
comfortable for her. With the Brent, I can get the leg extensions or just
set the feet on bricks for a little additional height for her to get under
it. Problem is that she has no feeling in her legs or feet so she can't deal
with power that way. Any ideas?

2. This may be a little trickier. I want publicity - and lots of it - for
these people. They are just such good sports! After meeting them last night
I feel even stronger about this than I did before. This is a program that is
meaning so much to them. It almost brings tears to my eyes to see how
enthusiastic they are. Really, we all do so much for kids who have diseases
but often forget about adults who are struggling so hard on so many
different fronts. I am getting no where fast in trying to do the
publicity/advertising "thing". I think this is such a terrific idea and I
can see so much potential for this kind of program. I want more than
anything to expand it and make it grow. I know it can. Can any of you help
me find the right door to knock on? I know Mel has offered to help, and I am
counting on that. I know this may sound silly, but I already told you I'm
out of my element with this sort of stuff. I would love to launch an e-mail
campaign at Ellen DeGeneris or Oprah or one of these personalities to get
them behind the program as well. I've been sending them e-mails every day
for months but that's just not working. Anybody have any ideas? I'm not
necessarily asking for you to do it for me, I'm not afraid of doing it. I
just am at a loss as to what to do. Ideas? Direction? would be very helpful.

Thanks everyone.
Susan Giddings

"There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are
others who, thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot
into the sun." Pablo Picasso

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Krista Peterson on fri 12 mar 04


Your doing what I've been thinking. I don't have much advice to offer, except look into grants for funding these projects. This seems like virtually uncharted territory, or possibly I'm just ignorant to what's out there. I believe that the arts and especially clay and the crafts can do a lot for the elderly and handicapped. I think there are plenty of classes out there for kids and that's great but it seems that ceramic and craft programs would be useful in nursing homes and other group home situations. I think that the arts are underutilized in these situations and would really add to the therapy these folks recieve. I admire you for diving in with both feet. I would really like to know more about what you're doing with these folks. If you would like to email me offlist I would love to find out more. Sorry I don't have much advice, I have some of the same questions.

Take care
Krista Peterson