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bison tools+ditto david

updated fri 12 mar 04


Gary Hatcher on thu 11 mar 04

I agree with David. I have been using Bison tools for about 10 years and
would not be without them....that being said the primary reason I use them
is that they only need to be sharpened about once a year (for me anyway). I
do not encourage students to spring for Bison trimming tools until you get
into a large volume of trimming. I would suggest that you purchase a much
less expensive Dolan trimming tool as well as a small file impregnated with
diamond dust. Dolan tools are pretty hard and the diamond file works real
well to sharpen them.
If you find that you are having to sharpen the Dolan tool too often, then
spring for a Bison tool. And remember the big negative for the Bison tools
is that they will break if dropped just right due to being so hard.
I might add that Philip has been great to work with. I have purchased
something like 10 tools from him as well as a custom made tool for carving
on clay. Previously I used a chisel point hack saw blade for carving but
Philip made me one of tungsten that works great. Also when my tools need
sharpening, I send them to Philip, he puts a good edge on them and sends
them right back.
My two cents worth.

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