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t-shirts/bison tools

updated mon 8 mar 04


Joyce Lee on sun 7 mar 04

Dannon...... if you do other tool drawing
tees, I want one, too. They are great!

AND, Antoinette, Phil plans to have a booth
at NCECA for his trimming tools. He's
so busy making them at the moment that
he may or may not be reading Clayart
completely. I have an embarrassment of
riches ..... seven of his wondrous tools.....
which include the three he made for
my miniature pots...... thrown on my teeny
tiny miniature wheel.... wheelhead the size
of a quarter. They are worth every penny!

In the Mojave pleased to hear that some of
you who weren't planning on NCECA this
year may be making it yet .... David F.
among them. Remember the year Mel=20
suggested that we weren't dressy enough
at NCECA..... that, after all, we weren't
going out to the studio to throw ..... and David,
whom we hadn't met ..... arrived in the
Clayart Room nattily
attired in a suit&tie, carrying a briefcase!
We thought he was a salesman and more or
less ignored him until finally his conversation
revealed his True Identity.... David the Good.