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updated mon 8 mar 04


dreamsinclay on sat 6 mar 04

Good Morning:
Looking to get some feed back on workshops on Long
Here we sit not far from one of the greatest city in
the world...and from what I can research...there is
practically nothing on Long Island to stimulate the
full time ...semi isolated full time potter.
I am speaking mostly about advanced workshops for
those of us in the field for awhile. Yes there are
Universities here...but they offer basic throwing
,hand building..whatever!
Some advertise Raku ...but this involves bringing your
own pots, slapping their glazes on and watching
someone else fire your pieces while you chit chat and
drink good tea. Great company...but little brain food.
Of course I can go into the city....but where are the
Long Island potters?
I am a full time potter and full time Mom....pottery
is how I pay the bills.....being exposed to the new
and different is the way for me to stretch and
grow......viewing all of your different and beautiful
web sites inspires me greatly....but....I could use
some hands on contact. Reading Ceramics Monthly..Clay
Times...yatta yatta..ok inspiration there as well(and
thank you Tony for your words that makes me smile
everytime) I am seeking those of you that either come
to Long Island and give workshops, those of you that
sponser workshops.....give me a shout!
Been at this for more than 27 years...and learning
something new everyday.
Appreciate any imput.

Also: I am getting those computer viruses as well
lot's of them!

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Saic1984@AOL.COM on sun 7 mar 04


When you find a sponsor for workshops, let me know. I myself offer a variety
of ceramic decal making workshops (weekend, three weekend, semester-long) and
visit Long Island regularly for work and for personal reasons.