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refractory products

updated sun 7 mar 04


Larkin Furnace on thu 4 mar 04

When I read about all the potters out there and all their ideas and =
information, I am overwhelmed and excited about the whole industry. I =
just wanted to put a note out there to everyone about the company that I =
work for. The owner, Jim Wunch, a ceramics engineer with over 30 years =
experience, has opened doors for the pottery industry. His company =
offers refractory products such as new and used KILN SHELVES, ceramic =
paper, blanket, bricks of all shapes and sizes, anchors, castables, just =
about anything you could possibly want or need in the pottery world at =
unbeatable prices. He has also helped in the design of kiln small and =
large of all types. PLEASE check out his website and feel free to call =
for info and pricing on his products. I really believe you won't be =
disappointed. Have a great day!!!!


Larkin Furnace Construction Company
770-760-0074 fax

Jeff Abney on sat 6 mar 04

Just saw the message about Larkin Furnace Co. I recently bought a load of
insulating bricks there after searching for a source with a reasonable price.
They were VERY helpful. I was a bit apprehensive about going to an industrial
company to buy such a relatively small number of bricks, but when I saw the
posters from pottery exhibitions on the wall of the Larkin office, I knew I had
come to the right place. The owner even offered me a better deal than I had
expected by telling me that he had brick "seconds," some of which had small chips
that would not affect their function for my purposes. This saved me quite a
bit of money. I highly recommend this company. They are located just east of