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wholesale kilns & ceramic suppliers?

updated wed 3 mar 04


Bandy on mon 1 mar 04

I have been putting together a studio over the last 6 months and am =
about ready to purchase my kiln. I have tried to find a wholesale site =
for them on the internet and have had no luck. Does anyone know who =
sells ceramic supplies wholesale?

I looked through the back postings but could not glean the information I =
was looking for.
Please forgive me if this question has been answered a million =

Sincerely Cherie=20
Nevada City, CA=20
and no it is not warm here it is cold and icy!

Edy Lynn on mon 1 mar 04

Try . I saw some what looked like good bargains there and
the site explains what they will charge you for shipping in a very straight
forward way. I have not dealt with them so I don't know but I like the
If anyone knows why she should not go with these guys let her know. Thanks!
Edy Lynn of Dayton Ohio
PS Did I do a good job of editing? The only thing I don't like about not
forwarding the original message is that if I decide not to read the original
and then I see the post hit on by someone whose posts I like to read no
matter what they say (and I won't say who those people are) then sometimes
I have to go back and look for the original post to get the question. That
is why I don't delete everything for a couple weeks. I have like 1886
unread posts in my Cayart file. That doesn't include the ones I HAVE read.
Whew! .

Bandy on tue 2 mar 04

> Try . I saw some what looked like good bargains there

Hi, I have purchased a few things from Clay-King. They are low priced and
reasonable. THANKS!!