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hank's appearance in canada

updated mon 1 mar 04


Hank Murrow on sun 29 feb 04

Dear Canadian claybuds, well the western ones anyway;

Hank Murrow will be one of the ten presenters at the third Biennial
Canadian Clay, "Re-Inventing the Wheel", a ceramics conference at the
Shadbolt Centre for the Artsw in Vancouver, BC. Hank will be among an
illustrious crowd, with Linda Christianson, Anne Hirondelle, Walter
Ostrom, Carol Mayer, Michaeol osborne, Keith Rice-Jones, Ichizo
Yamashita, Tam Irving, and Jane Hamlyn all giving three presentartions
each on Saturday, March 20th. Shadbolt will also be celebrating the
1000th firing of the Doorless Fiberkiln I built for them in '85, almost
twenty years ago.

Anyway, if you can make it, please stop and introduce yourself to Hank,
who will be glad to meet any Clayarter who is not at NCECA that day!

Cheers, Hank