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clay it forward/bison tools!!

updated sun 29 feb 04


Joyce Lee on sat 28 feb 04

We have a new donor who appreciates=20
Phil's Bison
tools so much that he wants to share the=20
joy. Soooooooo.

Clay It Forward has three Bison tools to be
given..... one each...... to three different
recipients. The claybuds who qualify will
have an opportunity to receive a gift
certificate and a catalog from Phil's company.
Each of the three buds will then be able to choose
any one tool from the standard tools displayed
in the catalog. (Phil's catalog itself is a work
of art .... all hand done/drawn by Head #1
Bison himself... namely, Phil. Phil doesn't
recall, I'm sure, but I first saw his catalog, met
him and purchased a Bison tool in Vegas
several years ago while taking a Tom Coleman

Criteria for application:

1) Must be a member of Clayart ..... not
a potential bud who joins solely to be
able to apply for CIF.... or comes in from
another list, but does not belong to

2) Is not able to make such purchases for
now because of financial difficulties of
some standing.

3) Tell me in a brief statement how a Bison
tool would enhance your work.

In other words, these are not simply Freebies
...... first come, first served...... repeat, these
are not simply Freebies. Some need must
be present. The donor does not necessarily
have Big Bucks ...... just wants three other
claybuds, who normally would be on the outside
looking in where such tools are concerned,
to have an opportunity to own an
exquisite tool.=20

This opportunity will be open for one week.

In the Mojave where there's dampness in the
air ...... feels strange..... son will plant flowers
in the westie's yard tomorrow while the ground
is still receptive...... she does love to smell
the flowers and kiss the cacti.... should have
named her Ferdinanda ......


Well, let's say three ( 3) Tools, one each for three
respective recipients - ie any one ( 1) 'Standard' series
Tool-of-their-Choice via
'Gift Certificate-in-Catalogue' as last time...postage on me
( or on 'Donor', as I am just the middle man here...ahem...)

Criteria as per your judgement, intuition, or as you

I will send you the three Catalogues with their enclosed,
Gift Certificates filled handle it any way you