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updated sun 29 feb 04


Joyce Lee on sat 28 feb 04

I received my Lucy Rie book today. Simply
flipping through it is a major treat. I do thank
the claybuds who mentioned the possibility
of finding one through a net search. Oddly
enough, I ordered mine through,
but it was mailed from our wonderful supporter
Axner. =20

Speaking of books, many recipients of Pottery
Making Illustrated's "Pottery Making Techniques"
have posted to say that they are delighted with
this new publication ..... both for the information
(primary, of course), and for its beauty. Several
have mentioned that it will serve as a reference
book in their clay libraries. I'm anxious to get
my own copy at NCECA. That's one vignette
often seen at NCECAs ........... potters sitting
around in the Clayart Room, on buses, while
eating, seated on the floor in halls .....
heads bent, admiring
the books they've
just purchased.

A reminder: if you belong to Potters Council, you
receive 20% reduction in price on items published
by ACerS. Worth considering if you have room
in your luggage .....=20

Disclaimer: I have no direct connection with=20
ACerS though
I do have with Potters Council. Just love books
and pictures of pots ..... potters, too.

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