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glaze test for mc6g licorice, a series of overlapping, cone 6, ox.

updated fri 27 feb 04


Alisa Clausen on thu 26 feb 04

Glaze test for MC6G Licorice, a series of overlapping, cone 6, ox.

Glaze tested on white midrange stoneware fired in electric oxidation to =

Source: Master Cone 6 Glazes
Credited to: John Hesselberth and Ron Roy

Firing ramp:
100c p/h to 600c (212f - 1112f)
150c p/h to 1100c (330f - 2012f)=20
100c p/h to 1220c (212f - 2228f)
5 min. soak
cool down max. to 800c
Hold 1 hour
Shut off kiln

See Mastering Cone 6 Glazes Book

Note: All raw materials are measured up or down to the nearest whole =
decimal. =20
Colorants or additives to a 100 gram test batch are measured in percent =
to the 100 gram test batch.



All tiles had Licorice dipped onto the tile first, one time.
The second glaze was dipped over the Licorice Glaze, twice.

Licorice and Rhodes Rutile
Overlap is a white and blue fur, not fluid, but streaking. =20

Licorice and MC6G Spearmint
Overlap is very similar to Floating Blue. Not fluid, but can feel a =
thickness difference=20
where glaze line of second glaze ends.
Many nuances in the fur including Cobalt blue, green and tan.

Licorice and MC6G Raspberry
Slight change of color from Black to Browner, but still very dark. =
Overall surface of overlap is glossier than
Licorice alone.

Licorice and Hal's Pale Apple
The overlap shows tiny crystals that are pale in color, giving a more =
mat surface than the Licorice alone.
Where these two glazes break, the ground is pale with dark blue fur.

Licorice and MC6G Waxwing
The overlap is as glossy as the two glazes by themselves. There is not =
a large color distinction, as the overlap is very dark.
There are traces of blues throughout the overlap. It creates a fur =
under a gloss shell.

Licorice and Tony Hansen's 20 x 5 with 5% Zircopax
The overlap is a more translucent black than Licorice by itself.=20

Licorice and Val's Turquoise
A markedly light green overlap. The Val's Turquoise glaze picks up =
almost no characteristics from
the underlying glaze. It does have some moving and streaking, showing =
the darker Licorice where it
breaks. Strong contrasts.

The MC6G Spearmint and the Rutile overlaps give the strongest contrasts =
and fur texture under a gloss shell.
The Hal's Pale Apple creates the most surface difference, from gloss to =

Best regards from Alisa in Denmark


Regards from Alisa in Denmark