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leaving wheels plugged in.

updated thu 26 feb 04


Lynn Barnwell on wed 25 feb 04

Hello All,

I leave everything plugged in and on, mainly because I as so forgetful. So.

I had my friendly neighborhood power company guy come over and install a
whole house surge protector at my meter socket. Now if I get a surge on the
line my three hard wired computerized kilns, three wheels, pug mill and all
other electrical items are covered by my electric co-op. They will pay up
to $250,000 in damages. It costs me about $6 a month. This also protects
all of my appliances, heat pump, a/c and our three computers so long as they
are plugged into one of their surge strips with phone protection. May be
an electric company coup but before this I have had lightning run in and
knock out my central unit and shoot through my outlets, lost a large oak off
the back corner of the house while we were glazing about 10' from it. So
protect against the things you can and unplug if you can remember.

I had a wonderful time today at the Tupelo Salvation Army Empty Bowls
Luncheon. Will have to work now to pay for all the beautiful silent auction
pieces I was lucky enough to end up with. Beautiful pit fired work by
Antoinette Badenhorst and wonderfully colorful raku pieces by Helen Fielder.
I will add them to my growing collection.

Lynn in Mississippi

Forgetting more each day.what were the kids names?