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print clay magazine accepts digital photo submission

updated wed 25 feb 04


kathy_chamberlin on tue 24 feb 04

I am ecstatic receiving an acceptance letter for publication from a
prominent ceramic print magazine. My visual tutorial how-to articles
were documented using and submitting digital photos. Really a
break-through and significant event, that digital is being accepted
and is up to the challenge.

I executed this project using a Canon Rebel SLR digital camera. The
investment in this camera is really paying off. These projects and the
digital documentation, do take extreme amounts of camera shots, but
elated with the personal control and instant confirmation of each
picture. Generally there is no visible difference in the end result. I
believe the industry will move towards this technology and adapt to
digital when appropriate.

I use a Macintosh Powerbook G4 17" screen - superdrive. The workflow
process involves downloading pictures onto computer, review using
Photoshop 7 and burn the digital photos onto a CD and send off in the
mail. Really encouraging to realize dreams, using a medium I believe
in. Thank you for your time, Kathy Chamberlin.