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crystal glaze drips at cone 8

updated tue 24 feb 04


Nana Underhill on sun 22 feb 04


Silly me. We fire, for reasons unknown to anyone, to cone 8.


Nana Underhill on mon 23 feb 04

I'm sending this for the second time - I don't think it went through the
first time.

> How about suggesting that anyone using this glaze must also supply a
> catch plate for each pot?

Now that a few people have mentioned it, it makes perfect sense. That's
what I would do. An alternative that was suggested in the studio was to
only allow the use of crystal on the insides of pots, but that was shot down.

I should have added, though, that we don't really use the crystal for what
it is meant to do. I think it was on about my twentieth pot that I said,
"Hey, what are those little snowflake thingies in my glaze?" I (personally)
am fascinated with crystalline glazes, but what people were mostly using it
for in the studio was to bring out lightness and variation in things like
Amazing, or Mike's Blue Green, or the Shinos. It is really this behaviour
that is the greatest loss to the most people, not the actual crystal
forming, so it seems to me that some of the flow could easily be sacrificed.

I think I'm going to have to proof read my emails. I left half of the vital
information out!

Nana Underhill