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master the business of art : abi

updated sun 22 feb 04


ccpottery@BELLSOUTH.NET on sat 21 feb 04

First of all, let me say that I have no connection with
nor do I profit from The Arts Business Institute.

I have however attended two of their week-end
sessions and highly recommend them.

On March 26-28 they will be back at Haywood,
North Carolina to teach artists how to market
themselves, how to deal with galleries, how
to enter the wholesale world, how to handle
credit cards, how to price their work, how to
get published ... everything you need to know to
get a two year jump start on your pottery

You also get to bring some of your work and
have it critiqued by Wendy Rosen, participating
artists and gallery owners.

The price includes meals, course materials
and social functions.

This week-end has been a life altering event
for many artists.

So, don't moan about not knowing anything
about business ... go to their website and find
out about this class or another that might be
coming to your town.

You might even qualify for a scholarship to attend!

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - ask anyone who has
attended one of these week-ends and they will tell you to
get to one asap.